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We aim for the information in these trainings to be as accessible as possible. If you have a budget to help support our work, please reach out to our team through the Support Us button below. Your financial support would go towards the annual fees to maintain the website, to develop more trainings and to keep the curriculum up to date. If you are interested in connecting with a trainer for an in person Trauma Informed Care training, follow the Find a Trainer button below. Thank you for all of your support!

What our learners say about us

"I would recommend it to all bureau employees! I use the trauma informed care training in my day-to-day interactions with the regulated community, by trying to stop and think about an issue from the other person’s perspective and from where they might have been in the last few hours or months with recent interactions with other regulators."
Laura Johnson, City of Portland
Bureau of Environmental Services 
"The Trauma Informed Care training gave us eye-opening context on the history of how we got to today’s houselessness crisis, actionable advice on how to approach a person in crisis, and science-based information on how all of us are affected by trauma. These tools and information are useful for situations we encounter at work and in our daily lives."
Naomi Tsurumi

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